terraform basics


Make sure following is done:


  • make a directory for your project mkdir myfirstproject

  • cd myfirstproject

  • create main.tf <- creates the terraform main file

terraform {
  required_providers {
    grid = {
      source = "threefoldtech/grid"
      version = "<version-dev>" // provide version if you want to deploy with a version other than latest

provider "grid" {
    mnemonics = "FROM THE CREATE TWIN STEP"
    network = "dev" # or test to use testnet

  • to initialize the repo terraform init

basic commands

  • to execute a terraform file terraform apply
  • to see the output terraform output
    • can be used to get the relevant output variables e.g public ip, planetary network ip, wireguard configurations ..
  • to see the state terraform show
  • to destroy terraform destroy

Find your Node

we have two options here(using the scheduler or searching for a node in the capacity explorer)

  • Use the scheduler, scheduler will help you find a node that matches your criteria
  • You do the capacity planning your self and make sure you choose a node which has enough capacity and is available (up and running).

Check Exploring Capacity to know which nodes fits your deployment criteria.