The ThreeFold Playground offers an easy-to-use browser experience to deploy solutions on the TFGrid via weblets. A weblet is a compiled javascript web component which can be embedded in HTML page of a web app.

The backend for the weblets is introduced with grid client which communicate to TF Chain and TF Grid over RMB.

Table of Contents


  • It is a non-code easy way to deploy a whole solution on the TFGrid.
  • It is 100% decentralized, there is no server involved.


Playground is a Vue app that has the weblets embedded. You can access the ThreeFold Playground on different TF Chain networks.


  • Regarding browser support, we're only supporting Google Chrome browser (and thus Brave browser) at the moment with more browsers to be supported soon.
  • Deploys one thing at a time.
  • Might take sometime to deploy a solution like Peertube, so you should wait a little bit until it's fully running.