Casper Network is a blockchain protocol built from the ground up to remain true to core Web3 principles and adapt to the needs of our evolving world.

  • Make sure you have a wallet
  • Click on the Casperlabs tab

Process :

  • Enter an Application Name. It's used in generating a unique subdomain on one of the gateways on the network alongside your twin ID. Ex.

  • Select a capacity package:

    • Minimum: {cpu: 1, memory: 1024 * 2, diskSize: 100 }
    • Standard: {cpu: 2, memory: 16384, diskSize: 500 }
    • Recommended: {cpu: 4, memory: 32768, diskSize: 100 }
    • Or choose a Custom plan
  • Choose the network

    • Public IPv4 flag gives the virtual machine a Public IPv4
  • Dedicated flag to retrieve only dedeicated nodes

  • Certified flag to retrieve only certified nodes

  • Choose the location of the node

    • Country
    • Farm Name
  • Choose the node to deploy on

  • Custom Domain flag lets the user to use a custom domain

  • Choose a gateway node to deploy your Casperlab instance on.

After that is done you can see a list of all of your deployed instances

Click on Visit to go to the homepage of your Casperlabs instance! The node takes a long time in order for the RPC service to be ready so be patient!