zmachine type

zmachine is a unified container/virtual machine type. This can be used to start a virtual machine on a zos node give the following:

  • flist, this what provide the base vm image or container image.
    • the flist content is what changes the zmachine mode. An flist built from a docker image or has files, or executable binaries will run in a container mode. ZOS will inject it's own kernel+initramfs to run the workload and kick start the defined flist entrypoint
  • private network to join (with assigned IP)
  • optional public ipv4 or ipv6
  • optional disks. But at least one disk is required in case running zmachine in vm mode, which is used to hold the vm root image.

For more details on all parameters needed to run a zmachine please refer to zmachine data

Building your flist.

Please refer to this document here about how to build an compatible zmachine flist