ThreeFold Explorer

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The ThreeFold Explorer allows you to find nodes in the grid which fulfil your requirements. We present here some of the key features of the ThreeFold Explorer

Current Explorer List

The ThreeFold Explorer can give insights into the different ThreeFold networks. Each ThreeFold network has an associated ThreeFold Explorer. The links are the following:



Explorer UI helps exploring the capacity connected to Threefold Grid. Searching for nodes, farms, gateways .. etc. It also supports Dark mode for more comfortable navigation.



Here you can see generic overview about:

  • Number of farms
  • Number of nodes
  • Number of gateways
  • Number of twins
  • Number of contracts
  • The capacity CRU, SRU, HRU, MRU
  • The number of public IPs available

Exploring Farms

You can see a list of all farms with filtering options.


Farm Details

Click on a farm shows up the farm details information.


Exploring Nodes

Explorer UI allows exploring the nodes and filtering them by many filtering option.


You can see all of the node details by clicking on a node record.

node_detail_0 node_detail_1

Light and Dark Modes

Both light and dark modes are supported on the ThreeFold Explorer. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to change the view mode.


Map Capacity Distribution

You can also see a map of how the capacity is distributed. A map is available with a global overview, showing in which countries capacity is offered.