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This section of the ThreeFold Manual introduces you to the ThreeFold Dashboard, a powerful tool designed to empower individuals and organizations with seamless control and management over their ThreeFold Grid resources. The ThreeFold Dashboard provides an intuitive web-based interface that allows users to effortlessly deploy, monitor, and scale their workloads on the decentralized and sustainable ThreeFold Grid infrastructure.

The ThreeFold Dashboard is a unified admin interface for everything related to the Threefold Grid. We now give an overview of the different features of the ThreeFold Dashboard.

TFChain Wallet

Generate Account

Connect Generate

Mnemonics serve as your private keys, acting as your representation on the ThreeFold Grid. You can input an existing mnemonic or click the Generate Account button to establish an account and generate a new mnemonic. In the latter case, you will be redirected to our Terms and Conditions page, where acceptance is required. Afterward, the mnemonic will be automatically created and filled into the form.

Connect Your Wallet


After entering your information, you can connect your wallet seamlessly.



Once you've logged in with the password used while connecting your wallet, you can access all of the TF Dashboard sections.

Twin/Farm Management

Twin Management

twin mgmt

The TF Twin management feature of the ThreeFold Dashboard enables users to create, manage, and monitor their individual digital entities known as Twins. A Twin can represent a virtual machine (VM) or a container running on the ThreeFold Grid. With the Twin management, users can easily deploy and scale their workloads, allocate resources, and configure networking and storage settings for their Twins.

Farms Management

farm mgmt

The Farms management feature allows users to manage their own infrastructure, referred to as Farms on the ThreeFold Grid. Farms consist of servers and storage devices that contribute computing and storage capacity to the grid. Through the Farms management feature, users can add or remove, as well as monitor the health and performance of their farms, all the while efficiently using their resources.



The TFChain DAO (i.e. Decentralized Autonomous Organization) feature integrates decentralized governance capabilities into the ThreeFold Dashboard. It enables community members to participate in decision-making processes and to contribute to the evolution of the ThreeFold ecosystem. Through the TFChain DAO, users can propose, vote on, and implement changes to the network protocols, policies, and operations, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Token Management

The Token management feature allows users to securely manage their ThreeFold Tokens (TFT) directly from the ThreeFold Dashboard. Users can view their token balance, perform transactions, and manage their wallet addresses. This feature provides convenience and accessibility for users to engage in token-related activities, such as buying, selling, or transferring TFT within the ThreeFold ecosystem.

Users can bridge and transfer TFT within the ThreeFold ecosystem. Here's an overview of both procedures.

TFChain-Stellar Bridge


The TFChain-Stellar Bridge establishes connections between the ThreeFold blockchain (TFChain) and the Stellar blockchain. This bridge enables interoperability and facilitates the exchange or utilization of TFT in a broader ecosystem.

For more information on the TFChain-Stellar Bridge, read this section.

Transferring TFT to Other TFChain Users


Additionally, users can transfer TFT directly to other TFChain users via the ThreeFold Dashboard, expanding the possibilities for peer-to-peer transactions within the ThreeFold network.

For more information on how to transfer TFT between TFChain accounts, read this section.

TFGrid Explorer

The TFGrid Explorer feature provides a comprehensive view of the ThreeFold Grid infrastructure. Users can explore and analyze information related to ThreeFold nodes, farms, and grid statistics. It also provides insights into the farms contributing to the grid and their respective performance metrics. By utilizing the TFGrid Explorer, users can access detailed information about individual nodes, including their location, capacity, and availability.

Exploring Threefold Nodes


Exploring Farms


Grid Statistics


Learn More

To learn more about the TFGrid Explorer, visit this section of the ThreeFold Manual.