Code of Conduct

Table of Contents

Our Ecosystem, Our Home

Think of the ThreeFold community and ecosystem as our virtual home. We've opened our doors to guests so we can gather and discuss our shared passion: the decentralized project, ThreeFold. Just as in any home, we have certain expectations about behavior and respect.

Note: This applies to the ThreeFold Forum and also to every other parts of TFTech and TFCloud.

Safety First

Our primary goal is to create a space where everyone feels safe and respected. Personal attacks, harassment, and any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Real Identities

Anonymity can sometimes lead to harmful behavior. To foster trust and accountability in our community, users must not use pseudonyms or fake profiles. Stand by your words with your real identity.

We're Human

Remember, we're all human. We'll make mistakes, have our biases, and sometimes get things wrong. This is our forum, and while we strive for fairness and accuracy, we won't always be perfect, and we expect no-one to be.

Purpose Over Process, Decentralization is not a purpose by itself

While decentralization can have its benefits, it's not our main goal. Our focus is on meaningful discussions, fostering community, and ensuring a respectful environment.

Embrace Positivity and Shared Growth

We deeply value the energy and spirit our community members bring. We believe in the beauty of what we create together, rooted in the fundamental principle that everyone joins our forum with good intentions. By fostering a culture of sharing — our knowledge, experiences, and aspirations — we create a cycle of giving and receiving. It's this mutual respect and belief in collective growth that propels us forward. We kindly ask all members to contribute with a positive energy, recognizing the potential and goodness in every conversation.

Content Guidelines

  • Cryptocurrency Discussions: We are not a cryptocurrency-centric project. Please avoid discussions about token valuations, trading, or any other crypto-related activities. We aim to focus on our core values and mission, rather than market dynamics or speculative behaviors.

  • Spirituality and Religion: This forum is not a platform for spiritual or religious discussions. While we respect individual beliefs, we request participants to refrain from introducing such topics here.

  • Legality: Posts promoting or discussing illegal activities, according to any jurisdiction, are strictly prohibited and will be removed.

Concentration on Relevance

Our responses are crafted not just for the sake of speaking, but to genuinely address the essence of a forum thread. We prioritize adding content that directly pertains to the topic at hand. Linking to other forum posts is reserved for when it's truly pertinent, and we avoid diverting one thread's focus to champion another.

We love the less is more concept, less words, more impact.

Right of Admission Reserved

As hosts, we reserve the right to remove anyone or any content from this forum if we believe they are not aligned with the values and guidelines set forth above.

Thank you for respecting these guidelines and ensuring our forum and virtual spaces remain a constructive and positive experience for all.

Role of Moderators

Our forum moderators are instrumental in upholding the values outlined above. They, like all of us, are human and may err from time to time. We ask for understanding and appreciation for their efforts and dedication.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Enhancing our communication and collaboration.
  • Upholding a positive forum atmosphere.
  • Removing off-topic or malicious posts.
  • Deleting content that contradicts the guidelines stated above.
  • Taking action against participants who consistently breach our code of conduct.

Remember, the ThreeFold forum operates under the umbrella of ThreeFold Cloud, a Dubai-based company. While our primary objective is to champion the ThreeFold Grid—a decentralized technology platform—ThreeFold Cloud also has a commercial mission: to offer professional, well-managed solutions atop the TFGrid.


Please note that all efforts are made on a best-effort basis. Neither TFTech nor TFCloud assumes responsibility for any of the code, communication, or information distribution.