ThreeFold Grid Primitives: Empowering Your Solutions

Within the ThreeFold Grid, we offer a range of low-level constructs known as Primitives. These powerful functionalities enable you to create diverse and customized solutions atop the grid, opening up a world of possibilities. It's important to note that any application compatible with Linux can seamlessly run on the ThreeFold Grid, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Here are the key ThreeFold Grid Primitives:

  • Compute - ( measured in Compute Units - CU ):Harness the power of computation with our Compute Primitives.
    • ZKube: Deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters effortlessly.
    • ZMachine: Run your applications within containers or virtual machines powered by the Zero-OS operating system.
    • CoreX (optional): Gain remote access to your ZMachine by utilizing the CoreX process manager.

  • Storage (measured in Storage Units - SU ): Leverage our robust storage Primitives to meet your data storage requirements efficiently.
    • ZOS Filesystem: Enjoy a deduplicated and immutable filesystem for secure and reliable data storage.
    • ZOS Mount: Utilize a portion of a high-speed SSD (Solid State Drive) as a mounted disk directly accessible within your ZMachine.
    • Quantum Safe Filesystem: Secure your data with an unbreakable storage system, ideal for secondary storage needs.
    • Zero-DB: Experience a powerful key-value storage mechanism that serves as the foundation for other storage mechanisms.
    • Zero-Disk (OEM only): Employ a virtual disk format designed exclusively for original equipment manufacturers.

  • Network (measured in Network Units - NU ): Harness our network Primitives to enable seamless communication and connectivity.

    • ZNET: Establish private networks between ZMachines, ensuring secure and efficient communication.
    • Planetary Network: Unlock the potential of a peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted global network, providing secure and reliable connectivity.
    • ZNIC: Access and manage network interfaces within the Planetary Network, enabling efficient data transfer and communication.
    • WebGateway: Connect your ZNET to the internet with ease, facilitating seamless integration with the wider network.

  • Zero-OS Advantages: Enjoy the numerous advantages that Zero-OS brings to the table.

    • Zero Install: Experience hassle-free deployment without the need for complex installations.
    • Unbreakable Storage: Ensure the integrity and security of your data with our robust storage mechanisms.
    • Zero Hacking Surface: Benefit from a minimized attack surface, bolstering the security of your infrastructure.
    • Zero Boot: Enjoy lightning-fast boot times, allowing for swift and efficient system initialization.
    • Deterministic Deployment: Achieve consistent and predictable deployments, streamlining your development process.
    • ZOS Protect: Experience enhanced protection and security measures to safeguard your infrastructure.

With these powerful Primitives and Zero-OS advantages, the ThreeFold Grid empowers you to build, scale, and secure your solutions with ease. Unleash your creativity and unlock limitless possibilities within the ThreeFold ecosystem.